First Prenatal Visit

Had my first check-up yesterday.

The doctor’s clinic opens at 10am to 1pm. The OB-Gyn, Dra. Reyes, was recommended to me by a friend.

I went there with my husband at 10:30am, we were 8th on the list and the doctor was not yet around at that time.

The secretary recorded my weight and blood pressure. A whopping 63 kilos! And 100/80 BP. Then she asked us to wait.

11am passed. Ok, she’s an hour late. Maybe she’s just finishing her rounds. We should wait a bit more.

By 12pm, people were already piling up. I’m starting to get hungry. What the hell’s with this doctor. Doesn’t she have any sense of professionalism?! Afterwards, I asked Sam to grab something to eat.

At last, she came after an hour later!! Yay!

Yup, she came at 1:15pm even though it was posted that her clinic hours’ 10 to 1pm. Wow. I was already thinking if I should still give this doctor a shot.

By pass 2pm it was already my turn.

She examined me and determined I’m prone to miscarriage or “mababa ang matris”. Sorry I don’t know the english. It’s like the womb is low, maybe. She prescribed me the following:

Isoxilant -a uterine relaxant which is to be taken three times a day

Folicard B+ =folic acid + B complex

Enfamama A+.

She also advised me to rest throughout the holidays. I’m not even allowed to travel. Since my work is 2hrs away from home, I’m not allowed to go to work either, yet.

I will have my first TVS (ultrasound) and urinalysis on January 5. She will then determine if I’m already fit for travel.

I hope baby Killua will be fine. (i think it’s a boy!) 🙂