CD 28

I know and feel that I am pregnant, even though it still doesn’t show in the test, but my husband is not taking me seriously!

I have not been late for 3 days, ever. I know it might sound too early for some but I can feel all the symptoms now. If I’m not pregnant, I should still go to the doctor somehow cause I might be sick. I feel cold all the time like I’m having a fever, been feeling bloated all day, I’m always hungry but don’t have the appetite, not to mention that my breasts are too sore. Worse of all, I always feel like throwing up. If these aren’t symptoms to some other disease, I don’t know what they are cause I feel really sick right now.

Somehow, I feel alarmed cause I’m not taking any prenatal supplement yet, except for folic acid which I bought at Healthy Options for 450pesos for a bottle containing 250pcs.

I want to schedule a checkup to the OB next week, since I won’t be going anymore to the office until January 5. We only have 3 working days left so I decided to just take them all for a leave since travel to work is about 2hours from home (we live in a boarding house and come home to my parent’s house every weekend), it’ll just be a waste for going to the office for such dates (December 22, 23 & 29). Gasoline is pretty expensive here, besides, our boss already had his vacation of his own so he probably won’t mind. And I’m too lazy to work during the holidays anyway.

I’ll probably take another test tomorrow whether Sam likes it or not. By the way, this day marks my fourth week of pregnancy. 😛


CD 27

Ok. I might be pregnant!

Felt like bloating all day and breasts are sore. I don’t want to take a test again since it’ll still be too early show. But I’m feeling it, I could be pregnant.haha

CD 25

Should I really be writing today? Coz I don’t have any updates yet as of the moment, not to mention any pregnancy symptoms.

Anyway, Sam was busy organizing my room today, I thought I should take a photo.


I should have said beforehand that this is my room’s cleanest state. I forgot to take pictures of “before” so this is all i’ve got. I’ve also realized that 90% of my clothes don’t fit anymore so I’ll just have to pass them on to cousins. Some I don’t even got to wear yet. Used to be sized small- medium, now I’m either large or XL. wtf. It would have been better if I’m bloating cause I’m pregnant.

Anyway, aunt flow is due tomorrow, so I’ll just update then.

CD 23

My regular cycle is 26 so I’ve got a few more days to expect aunt flow coming. Can’t I take the test now? Ha!

Like I’ve said, there were no further symptoms so I’m guessing that I’m not pregnant yet this month. I’ve had more symptoms last cycle but unfortunately my period came exactly on the expected date, so I can’t be really sure.

Anyways, I like to show you my calendar.


This is the app that I use to calculate my ovulation date. As you can see, my ovulation date is around December 2. That is why we made a lot of baby dancing before that date (almost everyday). Those with little hearts are the dates in which we made BD.  (25-28,30,2). I thought this month was hopeful since it is better to have sex before ovulation than during or after since sperm can stay in the body for 2-3 days, while the egg can only be fertilized within 24 hours. However, this app is not 100% accurate so it is probable that December 2 is not my actual ovulation date.

I’ll update as soon as something comes up. (hoping it’s not aunt flow!)

Breakfast at Mango Valley


I love this place. Nice food.

It’s usually quiet and peaceful whenever we (me and hubby) eat here, well unless when the owner (who I think is chinese) is around and yells at his staff in front of customers. It’s not like this is his country anyway. I’m not being racist or anything but sometimes they should know their place. That man should learn some respect. Almost lost my appetite.

Hmm just sayin.