6th week

Haven’t posted for quite some time. I’ve been having terrible morning sickness ALL day. And now I think I might’ve catch a flu. Temp myself and it was 37.3 C. My ultrasound yesterday is good. There had been traces of hematoma so I’ll just continue on taking meds. But what’s important is that there is already an heartbeat.

I feel so sick right now that I’ll need to cut this short. See you on my next posts.


Sorry for the negativity of the following post, but I just need to let this out.

I bought them a new flatscreen tv for christmas.

And groceries / food worth five thousand.

However, those things are not enough. Apparently they need cash. Cash which I already gave the week before, and the other week, and the other.

And it’s been happening for the past 6 yrs eversince I started working.

You get the picture.

Instead of saving something for myself especially now that I am pregnant (which they made no reaction whether they’re happy or not about it), its like they’ve been trying to deliberately wipe out my savings.

I’m not being selfish, but can’t they wait after I recover from expenses to expenses?

It’s not like they’re not eating well. No. Definitely not. They have sources of income which can sustain them fine.

How about me?
I pay my own rent and living expenses in the city where I currently work which almost eat up my monthly salary.

The night before my wedding, they asked for cash. Can’t they just wait for a few more days after the wedding? It’s not for emergency so why the fuck does it have to be the night before my wedding?!

Do your parents do that?

CD 25

Should I really be writing today? Coz I don’t have any updates yet as of the moment, not to mention any pregnancy symptoms.

Anyway, Sam was busy organizing my room today, I thought I should take a photo.


I should have said beforehand that this is my room’s cleanest state. I forgot to take pictures of “before” so this is all i’ve got. I’ve also realized that 90% of my clothes don’t fit anymore so I’ll just have to pass them on to cousins. Some I don’t even got to wear yet. Used to be sized small- medium, now I’m either large or XL. wtf. It would have been better if I’m bloating cause I’m pregnant.

Anyway, aunt flow is due tomorrow, so I’ll just update then.

Breakfast at Mango Valley


I love this place. Nice food.

It’s usually quiet and peaceful whenever we (me and hubby) eat here, well unless when the owner (who I think is chinese) is around and yells at his staff in front of customers. It’s not like this is his country anyway. I’m not being racist or anything but sometimes they should know their place. That man should learn some respect. Almost lost my appetite.

Hmm just sayin.


We’ll have our office Christmas party later at 6pm, and hoping to get some goodies. I’m having my eyes on the laptop since this one I’m using right now is about to retire (lags, a lot of “not respondings”). Hmmm. By the way, this is my first entry so I really don’t know what to write about at this moment. And I’m just beginning to explore this site. I actually created it just a few minutes ago. My husband is at school right now so I got the chance to actually write. (I don’t want anyone else to know that I’m keeping an online diary) I used to write in an actual journal but my mom kept reading it. It’s really annoying. I don’t want that. I have not much interesting to say right now and gotta shower right away, so I’ll make this short. I’ll see you in my next entry! Hoping that I’ll have some inspiration next time. Thanks!


Ella Mariea