Sorry for the negativity of the following post, but I just need to let this out.

I bought them a new flatscreen tv for christmas.

And groceries / food worth five thousand.

However, those things are not enough. Apparently they need cash. Cash which I already gave the week before, and the other week, and the other.

And it’s been happening for the past 6 yrs eversince I started working.

You get the picture.

Instead of saving something for myself especially now that I am pregnant (which they made no reaction whether they’re happy or not about it), its like they’ve been trying to deliberately wipe out my savings.

I’m not being selfish, but can’t they wait after I recover from expenses to expenses?

It’s not like they’re not eating well. No. Definitely not. They have sources of income which can sustain them fine.

How about me?
I pay my own rent and living expenses in the city where I currently work which almost eat up my monthly salary.

The night before my wedding, they asked for cash. Can’t they just wait for a few more days after the wedding? It’s not for emergency so why the fuck does it have to be the night before my wedding?!

Do your parents do that?